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About us

Westerly Creations was founded by B.C. local Stacey Juss in 2017. This company was created with two goals in mind, to reduce single use plastic and keep food fresh. 



A note from Stacey:


First, a question: Does single use plastic fit in with your values?


I am grateful to have grown up in an environmentally conscious family who encouraged me to respectfully explore the mountains and the coast of B.C. However, each time I saw a plastic bag/wrap carelessly left on a mountain trail or floating in the ocean I felt a twinge of sadness. These were sharp reminders of the damage plastic can cause to our environment.


But I was guilty too, I was also a user of plastic bottles, bags and wraps. Let's be honest, it’s convenient and it’s everywhere! Yet, I know that these products are slowly suffocating the environment that I live, work and play in. So, in order to uphold my values of respecting this earth and my own health, I decided to change my behaviour and create a more sustainable product.


This is why I created Westerly Creations; to kick-start my own behavioural change and to help others who share my values. It’s hard to make adjustments to our behaviour. But if I can do it, so can you! Westerly Creations is here to provide you with a stylish alternative to environmentally harmful plastic wrap. So  I’ll ask you again, does single use plastic fit in with your values? If not, Westerly Creations is here for you!


Stacey Juss

Founder of Westerly Creations

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